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The Talking Stick Festival

Yesterday, I worked for nine and a half hours without a break and on about five hours sleep. When I emerged from the light of the office into the darkness of the night, I felt motivated to do only one thing: collapse. However, I knew I had the opening at the Talking Stick Festival to attend. So, I mustered up enough energy to make my hair presentable and entered The Roundhouse.

I was greeted by ladies with trays of appetizers which included venison sausage on bread and buffalo sliders. As I munched happily away, I looked at the beautiful photography on the wall. The stress of the day started to melt away and by the time I entered the cabaret room and sat at my table I was ready to enjoy and learn from the performances I was about to witness.

I entered to win tickets to the Talking Stick Festival opening because I always enjoy the arts and like to support local talent. However, I also entered because I really wanted to become more knowledgeable about aboriginal culture. The evening’s performances of dance, music, and spoken word were beautiful, enlightening, and powerful. The positive energy in the room and the delight and pride in aboriginal achievement was palpable. The Honourable Steven L. Point and his wife were also in attendance. The lieutenant governor’s words were inspiring and moving as he explained he was there not so much as the Queen’s representative, but as a member of the aboriginal community.

This evening’s tickets were truly a wonderful prize. I won a lot more than tickets to dinner and a show. I won the opportunity to watch and interact with amazing people with incredible talents. As I left and received a cedar paddle on a cord chain, I knew I would always remember what a great evening this had been.

The Contest Entries Continue

It has been a very busy week, but I was still able to make time for some contest entries.


January 19th (online)

-Vote now at http://www.straight.com/goldenplates. (Eating out is awesome and so is money.)


January 20th (online)

-Tetley tea at http://colourtherapycontest.ca/p/colourtherapy/entries/new (Yes, I would like to go to the Mayan Riviera or win an iPod Nano!)

January 22nd (online)


-Yes, I entered the KLM contest, too.

-Win 1 Of 5 Hockey Gold 2010 Commerative Sets Valued At $70 Each!  (My Dad would love this!)

-Win An OSiS Style Package!  (Some days I need all the hair products I can get!)
-Win A Kobo eReader!  (I like books, but I’d give it a shot.)
-Win A Bedol Water Powered Clock!  (No batteries and water powered?  I’m in!)


January 23rd (online)


-entered to win passes to the opening of the talking stick festival and passes to the festival itself: http://hummingbird604.com/2011/01/21/the-10th-annual-talking-stick-festival-feb-1-13-win-festival-passes/comment-page-1/#comment-14113


January 25th (online)


-Win $3,000, Towards A Healthy New Lifestyle!  ($3000 will make me feel a lot healthier.)

-Win 2 Tickets To A SouthEast Asian Destinaton Of Your Choice, Worth Over $2,000!  (I will take a trip to almost anywhere!)
-Win A Clear Crystals, Beads And Heavy Chain Valued At $100!  (I love jewellery!)
-Win A 6-night Trip For 2 To St. Martin Valued At $5,000!  (Again, I’ll go anywhere!)
-Win A Bourjois Paris Cosmetics Prize Pack Valued At $200!  (I can never get enough make up.)

Movies about Prize Winners

To pique your interest a bit I thought I’d note a few movies for you to check out about prize winners.  I actually love watching other people win prizes, unless that means I am losing the same prize.  In any case, check these out and keep following our progress to see which of us wins a prize first!





Contests entered so far

Jan 1st: (all online)

-Win A Gift Package From D-Tox! (trivia and The Beatles!)

-Win Humphrey Bogart: The Essential Collection! (Bogie rules!)

-Win $500 With Tribute ($)

-WIN A True Grit Prize Pack! (my husband wants to see the movie)

-Win A $1,000 Gift Card At EB Games! (one of my husband?s favorite stores)

Jan. 3rd: (all online)

-Win A William Sonoma Cookware Prize Package Worth $490! (I like cooking!)

-Win 1 Of 3 $5,000 Sears Shopping Sprees! (shopping!)

-Win A $1,000 Gift Card From Either SportChek, Home Depot Or WaySpa! (shop x 2)

-Win A Blue Nile Signature Diamond! (a girl’s best friend)

-Win A Head Backpack, Columbia Backpack Or Bolle Goggles! (I paid $3 for the backpack I currently own)

Jan. 5th: (online)

-Win $1000 Tom Lee gift card (I’d like to buy my Dad a new guitar)

– Win A Costco Prize Package Valued At $2,827! (Wii games are fun)

Jan 6th: (online)

-Win A $5,000 Air Canada Vacations Voucher! (I want to fly away)

-Win A 6-night Trip For 2 To New Zealand Valued At $9,000! (New Zealand looks great in January!)

Jan. 7th: (online)

-RedFlagDeals.com New Year’s Getaway Contest! (I need to get away!)

-Win a Grocery Gift Card (A girl’s gotta eat!)

-Win a Triumph Underwear Prize Pack (We all need underwear.)

Jan. 8th (online)

-Win A Trip For 2 To Any Sandals Resort In Jamaica Valued At $5,000! (I need to get away!)

Jan. 10th

-Win The Abracadabra Fantasy Holiday Makeup Collection, Valued At $250! (I am a makeup addict.)

-Win A Trip To Spain, France, Italy, Or Greece! (Definitely want to go to any of the places mentioned; also they’re giving away George Foreman grills!)

-Win A VIP Experience To The LG FIS Snowboard World Cup! (Actually, I just want to see one of my best friends who lives in Calgary)

Jan. 12th

-Win A GoPro Hero 960 High-Definition Camera! (I love hi def!) – online

-Win Canucks tickets (I can’t get enough Canucks hockey.) in store at Golden Spoon

Jan. 14th (online)

Win A BluRay Player! (I need one for the bedroom.)

Win a basket of anti-aging products by Valmont (Sadly, I need these now.)

Jan. 15th (online)

-Win $10,000 In Grocery Gift Cards! (mmm…food)

– Win 1 Of 2 Prizes Of A 2-night Trip For 2 To Lake Louise, Valued At $5,000! (I’ll take a trip anywhere.)

– Win 1 Of 3 64 GB IPod Touches Valued At $429 Each! (Our iPod got stolen.)

– Another iPod contest!

Jan. 18th (by mail)

-a consumer survey that took FOREVER to complete, but I could win $5000 and I figure I’m the only person who’ll waste time filling it out!

The Start of a Great Adventure

Before Christmas, in the retro atmosphere of the Waldorf Hotel, two friends made a vow for New Years: enter as many contests as possible and see who wins the most prizes.  Now, I’ve always considered myself a lucky person, not in terms of height or mathematical skill, but in my ability to win prizes.  My interrupted winning streak started at age six when my parents took me to a church bazaar and I won an enormous bottle of Andre’s wine.  My Dad tried to look happy, but being a painter, he already had his share of paint stripper.  Since that first momentous win, I have won play tickets, gift baskets from The Body Shop, Lush, and Sephora, Canucks tickets, and a number of other prizes worth less than $300.  So, yeah I don’t win big, but I do win relatively frequently.

The rules of this contest are very simple.  My friend and I will enter as many contests as possible.  I don’t think it matters if we enter the same contests or not, but the contest entries must be free.  This is because I am as cheap as I am lucky.  My willingness to do odd things to win will vary depending on whether my common sense or extremely competitive nature comes out on top. I am only entering contests that offer prizes I would actually want or would like to give to someone close to me.  At the end of all this, whoever wins the most will take the “loser” out for a nice dinner and very delicious cocktails at the Waldorf Hotel in January 2012, should the world still be here.

So, start your pools now.  Who’s going to win?  As the days and months go by, you will learn more about us.  Discuss amongst your friends and family which of the two of us seems to have the luckier profile, star sign (I’m a Cancer under the old zodiac and a Gemini under the new, BTW), and track record.

May the luckiest woman win!