First Win for Maktaaq!

Two tickets to the Earlybird RV Show and Sale through the Fraser Valley Pulse website!  I am really excited to have won my first contest! 

As I said in my entry, I hope to one day drive across Canada to Newfoundland, then back across North America through the US, then up the Dempster Highway to Inuvik in the Northwest Territories.  Certainly that will be when I retire as I have no time now, but I can start planning now with the RV show.  (Check out the snazzy models.)

My winnings come to $16 so far, below R’s $64.50.  Yet I think my luck is finally showing its face.  Like a hedgehog that’s finally removed the toilet paper roll off its head.  The RV show is just the start.

Thank you very much to the Fraser Valley Pulse!

And I hope my worthy opponent had a lovely evening with her prize of tickets to the Talking Stick Festival opening!


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