Vacation Contests

One of my worries with this contest contest R and I are doing is that I will end up winning so many trips that I may have to quit my job to go on them all.  Luckily, my coworkers still have me around for a little while.  But soon I will be going to the following places:

  • The Cook Islands, through the Fashion Magazine website
  • Hawaii, on the Mazda website
  • A Caribbean cruise, on the Maritime Travel website
  • New York, through the Kit website
  • Anywhere hockey during the 2011 NHL Playoffs
  • Anywhere close by, thanks to a contest for a $50 Petro Canada gift card (luckily my car has excellent mileage)
  • PEI, on Canadian Prizes (a rather dodgy website)

I also entered contests for:

  • $500 worth of groceries from Kellog’s
  • A Kobo e-reader (for my dad)
  • Makeup, on the Kit website
  • A Starbucks coffee maker, on the Prize Today website (Matt really wants this)
  • Some Canadian Tire organizational stuff, on the Women’s Post website
  • The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest DVD, on the Saveland website (Matt and his sister want to watch these)
  • The Withnail and I DVD, also on the Saveland website – I started watching this movie when it came out over a decade ago and I keep meaning to watch the rest of it
  • The Let Me In DVD (ditto for contest location), because I heard that the remake of Let the Right One In is actually good
  • An Annabelle gift basket, on their website
  • An Airbus A-320 resin model, on the My Aviation School website, for my friend Lee
  • An iPad on the Daily Squeeze website, because my dad could sure use one (and my sister would thank me for it)
  • Another iPad or $600 on Prize Today
  • A $500 Chapters gift card (I love books)
  • Wii Sports stuff, on Prizes Canada (we love Wii bowling in this household)
  • Tickets to the 2011 Earlybird RV Show, on the Fraser Valley Pulse website
  • Cargo Noir, a new boardgame, entered on Boardgame Geek (Matt and I love boardgames)

Phew!  23 contests in one day and I had a busy day of errands and social activities cut short because the play tonight was sold out by the time I got to the box office. 

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