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Contesting Normal

As I scan rain-splattered windows for “enter to win” and surf the net for the keyword “contest,” I’m really searching for more than prizes and money. It’s the cure for the common life I’m after.


This is not to say that I wake up each day bemoaning my existence. Yet, the surprise and unexpectedness of life seems to wane as childhood and youth slip away and you well and truly become an adult. Thus, being a proactive person, I have found that entering contests is an appropriate substitute for the anticipatory thrill that comes before a fifth birthday, first roller coaster ride, and blind date.


Then, there’s the winning. The delight that follows the realization: you’ve beaten the odds. Someone else hasn’t won, you have. Suddenly, you’re the prettiest girl in the room, the top of the dean’s list, and the most popular person on Facebook. Just for that moment, you’re exceptional. Very few of these moments occur spontaneously, at least for me. You’ve got to make them happen.


So, the next time I post a win, know I’m clapping my hands, grinning from ear to ear, and spinning around. Because, for a short time, I get to be five-years-old again.

The next round of contest entries

Feb 3rd

-tickets to the Pacific Cinémathèque (some great international films showing and I had my first date with my husband here, aww.)

Feb. 4th (all online)

-Win A 9-night Trip For 2 To Santiago, Chile! (Wine is involved, too! I enjoy alcohol and exotic locations)

-Win A $5,000 Getaway To Cancun, Mexico! (I really need to get away.)

-Win A $500 Jewellery Gift Card! (I love shiny things!)

Feb. 5th

-Pet Habitat $60 gift certificate (I want to buy my fish a castle J) (in store)

-trip to China (I really want to fly away.) (at the Tinseltown Chinatown celebration)

Feb. 6th

-Win 3 sterling-silver Pandora Rings Valued At $305! (I think we’ve established that I like jewellery.) (online)

Feb. 7th

-Two tickets for Valentine’s at the Waldorf (The place where this blog was born. Ah, memories!) (both entered on Facebook)

-Four tickets for Valentine’s at the Waldorf (I didn’t win, but had a great Valentine’s Day, nonetheless.)

Feb. 8th

-Win A 3-night Stay In Kamloops, Valued At $900! (They had me at spa package.)

-Win A Eureka FilterAir Vacuum Prize Package Valued At $500! (I am doing it for the free maid service!)

Feb. 12th

-Win A 14k White Diamond Ring Valued At $1,299! (Diamonds are a girl’s best friend)

-Win A 3-night Stay At The Summerland Resort Hotel In Summerland, BC! (This sounds like an amazing relaxation package.)

-Win A 4-night Trip For 2 To Berlin, Germany Valued At $5,000! (You get to watch a high fashion show. I would really love that!)

-Win 1 Of 59 Prizes Of A Trip For 2, Up To A $2,000 Value! (I would go to Hawaii!!)

Feb. 14th

-shopping spree at Nestor’s market (an in-store draw that promises many delectable returns!)

Feb. 15th

-Win A Selection Of Hair And Beauty Products From Ecrinal Valued At $85! (Again, I will always enter for girly prizes.)

-Win A 3-night Trip For 2 To Toronto Valued At $10,000! (Yes, I could use a wardrobe makeover and money to shop at Holt Renfrew.)

-Win A 2-night Trip For 2 To Victoria, BC! (Rogers Chocolate is also involved, yummy!)

Feb. 16th

Win An $82 Tide Laundry Prize Package! (I like cleanliness.)

Win A 1-week Trip For 2 Adults To Barbados! (trips to anywhere are good)

The contest entries continue…

Having now tasted victory, I am eager for more! Here are my latest entries:

January 26th (online)

-Win A $500 Purdys Chocolate Gift Card! (mmm…chocolate)


January 29th (online)


-Win a queen-sized bed from The Bay and Gluckstein Home! (It’d be nice to have a bed that doesn’t have dog and cat scratches on it.)


-Win a Smart Pop gift basket! (Okay, so I don’t exactly know what’s in the basket, but I like popcorn, so I figure that’s enough of an extrinsic motivator.)


-Enter to win 4 prizes: (from Flare magazine)
A Prevage Deluxe Skin-care Set worth $306 from Elizabeth Arden
A Gift Card worth $250 from Triumph
A Love, Chloe gift worth $320 from Coty
A Gift Card worth $250 from Dynamite
(Yes, I enter any contest that offers girly prizes.)


-Win $5,000 Cash! (Money is good and this Nutella money!)
-Win A 2-night Stay In Montreal And A Kobo eReader! (J’aime Montréal!)
-Win A $1,500 Travel Voucher! (I want to go to Hawaii!)
-Win A 2-night Stay For 2 On Vancouver Island Valued At $790! (If not Hawaii, I love Victoria!)


Jan. 30th


-Win Box Seats For You And 13 Friends To A Hockey Game Valued At $5,000! (This sounds awesome! It also reminds me that I am indeed a winner because I have thirteen friends and family members who I would gladly bring with me!)


-Win A $1,000 HBC Gift Card! (I always find I get good deals at The Bay, so I’ll put this to good use.)


-Win An Ultimate Winter Getaway In The Canadian Rockies! (I have never been to the Rockies. This fact shocks most Vancouverites. So, I’d like to go at least once.)


-Win a Pair of 14k Gold Earrings (I can never have enough pairs of earrings!)


-Win a 1oz Gold Coin (Ever since I visited the Mint in Ottawa, I’ve been kind of coin-obsessed.)


February 1st (online):


-Win A Replica Sword Courtesy Of Museum Replicas Valued At $250! (My sister-in-law loves swords and has a birthday coming up!)


-Win A Fjallraven Prize Pack Valued At $2,500! (I’m sure I need Scandinavian clothing?!)


Feb 2nd


-a year’s supply of Americano from Blenz coffee (I don’t drink coffee, but my Mom was very excited by this contest, so I entered) (in store)


-tickets to an international film festival in Toronto, Utah, or Venice or 1000 SCENE points (a free movie ticket) (I’m really hoping for Venice!)


-Win A 2-night Trip For 2 To An NHL Playoff Game Valued At $10,000! (I like hockey and money!) (online)

The Talking Stick Festival

Yesterday, I worked for nine and a half hours without a break and on about five hours sleep. When I emerged from the light of the office into the darkness of the night, I felt motivated to do only one thing: collapse. However, I knew I had the opening at the Talking Stick Festival to attend. So, I mustered up enough energy to make my hair presentable and entered The Roundhouse.

I was greeted by ladies with trays of appetizers which included venison sausage on bread and buffalo sliders. As I munched happily away, I looked at the beautiful photography on the wall. The stress of the day started to melt away and by the time I entered the cabaret room and sat at my table I was ready to enjoy and learn from the performances I was about to witness.

I entered to win tickets to the Talking Stick Festival opening because I always enjoy the arts and like to support local talent. However, I also entered because I really wanted to become more knowledgeable about aboriginal culture. The evening’s performances of dance, music, and spoken word were beautiful, enlightening, and powerful. The positive energy in the room and the delight and pride in aboriginal achievement was palpable. The Honourable Steven L. Point and his wife were also in attendance. The lieutenant governor’s words were inspiring and moving as he explained he was there not so much as the Queen’s representative, but as a member of the aboriginal community.

This evening’s tickets were truly a wonderful prize. I won a lot more than tickets to dinner and a show. I won the opportunity to watch and interact with amazing people with incredible talents. As I left and received a cedar paddle on a cord chain, I knew I would always remember what a great evening this had been.

First Win for Maktaaq!

Two tickets to the Earlybird RV Show and Sale through the Fraser Valley Pulse website!  I am really excited to have won my first contest! 

As I said in my entry, I hope to one day drive across Canada to Newfoundland, then back across North America through the US, then up the Dempster Highway to Inuvik in the Northwest Territories.  Certainly that will be when I retire as I have no time now, but I can start planning now with the RV show.  (Check out the snazzy models.)

My winnings come to $16 so far, below R’s $64.50.  Yet I think my luck is finally showing its face.  Like a hedgehog that’s finally removed the toilet paper roll off its head.  The RV show is just the start.

Thank you very much to the Fraser Valley Pulse!

And I hope my worthy opponent had a lovely evening with her prize of tickets to the Talking Stick Festival opening!