Contesting Normal

As I scan rain-splattered windows for “enter to win” and surf the net for the keyword “contest,” I’m really searching for more than prizes and money. It’s the cure for the common life I’m after.


This is not to say that I wake up each day bemoaning my existence. Yet, the surprise and unexpectedness of life seems to wane as childhood and youth slip away and you well and truly become an adult. Thus, being a proactive person, I have found that entering contests is an appropriate substitute for the anticipatory thrill that comes before a fifth birthday, first roller coaster ride, and blind date.


Then, there’s the winning. The delight that follows the realization: you’ve beaten the odds. Someone else hasn’t won, you have. Suddenly, you’re the prettiest girl in the room, the top of the dean’s list, and the most popular person on Facebook. Just for that moment, you’re exceptional. Very few of these moments occur spontaneously, at least for me. You’ve got to make them happen.


So, the next time I post a win, know I’m clapping my hands, grinning from ear to ear, and spinning around. Because, for a short time, I get to be five-years-old again.

About rsaloust

I am a writer, editor, artist, and traveller. You will probably find me drinking tea, typing on a keyboard, and listening to music at 3 a.m. Otherwise, I'm entering contests, winning cool experiences that lure me out of my hermetic existence and into the sun.

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