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Chocolates in January

As the days turn colder and the excitement of the holiday season dies down, we find ourselves looking for warmth and quiet comfort. I found both at Rubens earlier this month.  Bundled up in my scarf and red coat, I went inside and ordered strawberry tea for myself and hot chocolate for my husband, Ryan. I paired my beverage with my two favourite chocolates: passionfruit matcha and English toffee. Ryan opted for their sinfully delicious brownie.

We sipped and munched away happily while I tried to decide how to spend the rest of my $50 this month. My thoughts turned first to my parents.  My Dad who was celebrating his name’s day in a few days, got the milk chocolate almond bark (his favourite Rubens product).  My Mom, who was planning a dinner party for 30+ people, got some sugar-free chocolate (diabetes is no fun).  Then, I remembered a friend who had just been fired. Chocolate therapy was in order and green apple truffles were the remedy of the day.

A chocolate fruit assortment was intended for another friend, but due to a bad day I had later in the month, it never reached her.  I can tell you, though, sometimes a little selfishness is very, very necessary.


For those of you following my winning ways, I am still entering contests.  Watch this space for updates!



2012 – A Year in Review

Happy New Year, Everyone!  Well, 2012 has come to a close and it’s hard to believe we’re already in 2013.  Upon looking back at my winnings this year, I am pleased to announce that 2012 was even more successful than 2011.  To recap, I won:

1. a 200K Canucks t-shirt from @VanCanucks
2. entrance to the premiere of Arctic Air, which sadly I was unable to attend, but thanks to @Miss604
3. two tickets to Turning Point Ensemble’s Colourful World from
4. a goodie bag at a friend’s Oscar party for the accuracy of my predictions
5. a pair of tickets to the Vancouver Women in Film Festival from 24 Hours
6. a $50 gift certificate from Clayburn Comforts and Body Works
7. a class for two at the Dirty Apron Cooking School through the B.C. Dairy Association’s “Get Your Hands Dirty” contest
8. chocolate for a year from Rubens Chocolates
9. $100 recharge on my Go2 card from West Coast Express
10. a week at The Hungry Oven Cooking Camp for my niece Olivia, again from


The total amount of the winnings is difficult to calculate, but it is approximately $1300.  A $200-300 increase over last year.  I enjoyed winning all of these prizes and particularly giving my niece the opportunity to learn how to cook.  I will still be enjoying free chocolate up to and including the month of May.  It was great to take the chocolate to Greece and share it with my relatives.  My friends and I also enjoyed it at Christmas in some delicious fondue.