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Slow Going

Between full-time work and a work-study internship, most of my time this year is gone.  I am finally down to working six days a week for a few more weeks, then freedom!  Until then, I have little time to scour the internet for contests and no time to visit places that have contests.  In the last few days, here’s what I did enter:

  • Last week, I entered a spa contest in Fort Langley.
  • I entered to win a Richmond dining experience.
  • I also entered to win a Parks Canada family pack.

Dreaming of the Maldives

It’s been a while since I had time to work on this project, but now that my work schedule is lessening a bit, I suspect I’ll have to catch up with R’s record of five wins.


On March 21 my competitor announced that she won her third contest.  Now she is not only the winner of one more contest than I am, she is also at around $190, while I am about $150 behind her. 

This morning, I had a great dream where I won a prize – a trip for two to the Maldives, worth $2500.  During my whole dream, I was trying to get the tickets and answering last minute questions from the company giving away the tickets.  As my dream progressed, it turned out that the tickets were for a 48-hour trip to the Maldives, with Matt and I set to fly directly there and on the way back with a stopover in Hawaii.  Not sure how much of the Maldives I would have seen on my dream trip, but the dream me was very excited.  I remember thinking in my dream, too, that I would finally be ahead of Rsaloust in the amount of winnings.  I was choked up when I awoke and realized that I was not going to the Maldives after all.

Obviously this is a sign that I will win again soon and that I just need to get busy entering more contests!

Thus, here are my latest entries.  On March 21:

  • Entered to win a $1000 HBC gift card on this supper recipe website.  This would solve my need for a new duvet set for sure!  Plus, I would finally get a food processor, so I would be able to make one of my favourite dishes more often.
  • Entered a contest on Today’s Parent for a $150 H&M gift card.  If the clothes are for kids, I have many friends whose kids might be interested in gettign this gift card.
  • Entered to win tickets to the Vancouver Aquarium’s Immersion event on Miss 604.  I haven’t been to the aquarium in years!
  • Also on Miss 604, I entered to win a gift package from Morgan Crossing, a new development that I pass by quite often.  I really like going to Mink Chocolates and I had no idea they opened a new location in Surrey.  
  • Again on Miss 604, I entered to win a chocolate fondue and champagne in 900 West Lounge, valued at $150.
  • I entered for an iPad on a pet food site.
  • Also on the Nutrience site, I entered to win Ivan free food for a year.  Actually the iPad is for Ivan too.  I heard they have cat games on it and Ivan’s declawed so he wouldn’t scratch the screen.
  • Some Rimmel Mascara from Elle.  I can’t wear eye makeup anymore but my sister might like this.
  • I also entered to win a $135 Ecco Latakia bag from Elle.  I really like that bag.

On April 4:

  • Entered the Flare magazine contest to win a $500 beauty pack.
  • I also entered to win a coffee machine.  I like the smell of coffee and I like shiny things, so this would be a nice addition to my mom’s kitchen counter (I also love making my mom happy).

On April 13:

  • Entered to win a $500 Holt Renfew gift card.  When I was in university and tried to browse through their store to see what the fuss was all about, they hassled me.  It would be nice to go back, use their gift card and show them who’s who now.  Take that.
  • I then entered Miss 604’s patio contest.
  • I entered Miss 604’s other contest, for a stay at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa.

On June 13:

      Another Win for Maktaaq!

      Another win!  This time it’s two movie tickets for Unknown from the Georgia Straight.  It sounded like a plot-twister of a movie and I rarely even have a chance to read up about movies these days, never mind actually seeing them.  Aside from The King’s Speech, which my coworker saw and recommended, I didn’t recognize any of the nominated movies.  I discover movies these days from the trailers on the DVDs I borrow from the library.  Thus, my wonderful husband and I will be off to see this psychological thriller. 

      I hope. 

      I never did get my winning tickets in the mail from the first contest.

      Meanwhile, the contest entries continue:

      January 31

      • During lunch, I scour Urbanspoon for my favourite local restaurants and add them to my Burnaby Now entry into their $2000 contest – shopping sprees at Lougheed, Brentwood and Metrotown Malls.

      February 4

      • Valentine’s Day dinner at The Teahouse, via Raul’s Hummingbird 604.

      February 8

      • Entered to win an iPad (four entries actually).
      • Entered to win another $500 grocery gift card.
      • An iPod Nano (because I am sure someone in my circle of friends can use it – it’s a music thing I assume).
      • A Tide gift basket because I am into doing laundry a lot.  At $125, that’s like a few years’ supply of laundry detergent.
      • Tickets to the ballet for two orchestra seats to the February 19 performance of Volo.
      • Tickets to the musical Falsettos.

      February 9

      • Entered a Surrey Public Library contest for four movie tickets.

      February 10

      • Entered to win two tickets to the Spirit of Africa Festival opening night concert.
      • Another iPad entry.
      • Tickets to a Vancouver Cantata Singers concert later this month.
      • Tickets to the Gnomeo and Juliet movie, which, thanks to the skill-testing question, I remembered I had a nascent crush on James McAvoy.

      February 11

      • Entered the Leonidas Chocolate contest.

      February 13

      • A vacation in Richmond: two nights at a Richmond hotel, dinner at a good Chinese restaurant and more.  I can fit all this into my unusual work schedule!  I really hope I win this one!

      February 20

      • The True Grit novel – apparently it’s now some sort of Oscar-nominated film.  I like books, especially nonfiction ones, but there aren’t many book contests, so this is as close as I can get to entering a book I want contest.
      • Entered for tickets to the Vancouver International Dance Festival.
      • Tickets for Bach’s St. John Passion.
      • Tickets to Hard Times Hit Parade, a play about a dance marathon.
      • Tickets to a string orchestra.
      • A double movie pass to Biutiful.
      • An espresso coffee maker.
      • A Carnival cruise, because I could use a trip anywhere and because cruises basically mean I will be reading a lot and getting ahead on my to-read list. 
      • A holiday at a Mexican resort.
      • A trip for four to Jasper, because I only ever went to Banff when I lived in Alberta.  Heck, it would be nice to go anywhere in the Rockies.  There are some really nice places I have good memories of over there.
      • A trip to Tokyo because I love visiting Japan.  It’s been three years almost since I’ve been to Japan and I think I am past due for my biannual onsen visit.
      • A diamond bracelet, earrings or ring, which I would give to my mom.  Seriously.  She would love this.
      • A contest for a kitchen makeover.
      • A trip for two to London or else a Nintendo gadget, because I could use the trip and I am sure Matt would find some use for another electronic doodad.

      March 1

      • A contest from Pacific Cinematheque for two tickets to a South African music documentary.
      • Tickets to a flamenco performance on Saturday (which I would give to my parents).
      • Tickets to the movie Unknown.  (This is what I won.)

                    First Win for Maktaaq!

                    Two tickets to the Earlybird RV Show and Sale through the Fraser Valley Pulse website!  I am really excited to have won my first contest! 

                    As I said in my entry, I hope to one day drive across Canada to Newfoundland, then back across North America through the US, then up the Dempster Highway to Inuvik in the Northwest Territories.  Certainly that will be when I retire as I have no time now, but I can start planning now with the RV show.  (Check out the snazzy models.)

                    My winnings come to $16 so far, below R’s $64.50.  Yet I think my luck is finally showing its face.  Like a hedgehog that’s finally removed the toilet paper roll off its head.  The RV show is just the start.

                    Thank you very much to the Fraser Valley Pulse!

                    And I hope my worthy opponent had a lovely evening with her prize of tickets to the Talking Stick Festival opening!


                    Vacation Contests

                    One of my worries with this contest contest R and I are doing is that I will end up winning so many trips that I may have to quit my job to go on them all.  Luckily, my coworkers still have me around for a little while.  But soon I will be going to the following places:

                    • The Cook Islands, through the Fashion Magazine website
                    • Hawaii, on the Mazda website
                    • A Caribbean cruise, on the Maritime Travel website
                    • New York, through the Kit website
                    • Anywhere hockey during the 2011 NHL Playoffs
                    • Anywhere close by, thanks to a contest for a $50 Petro Canada gift card (luckily my car has excellent mileage)
                    • PEI, on Canadian Prizes (a rather dodgy website)

                    I also entered contests for:

                    • $500 worth of groceries from Kellog’s
                    • A Kobo e-reader (for my dad)
                    • Makeup, on the Kit website
                    • A Starbucks coffee maker, on the Prize Today website (Matt really wants this)
                    • Some Canadian Tire organizational stuff, on the Women’s Post website
                    • The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest DVD, on the Saveland website (Matt and his sister want to watch these)
                    • The Withnail and I DVD, also on the Saveland website – I started watching this movie when it came out over a decade ago and I keep meaning to watch the rest of it
                    • The Let Me In DVD (ditto for contest location), because I heard that the remake of Let the Right One In is actually good
                    • An Annabelle gift basket, on their website
                    • An Airbus A-320 resin model, on the My Aviation School website, for my friend Lee
                    • An iPad on the Daily Squeeze website, because my dad could sure use one (and my sister would thank me for it)
                    • Another iPad or $600 on Prize Today
                    • A $500 Chapters gift card (I love books)
                    • Wii Sports stuff, on Prizes Canada (we love Wii bowling in this household)
                    • Tickets to the 2011 Earlybird RV Show, on the Fraser Valley Pulse website
                    • Cargo Noir, a new boardgame, entered on Boardgame Geek (Matt and I love boardgames)

                    Phew!  23 contests in one day and I had a busy day of errands and social activities cut short because the play tonight was sold out by the time I got to the box office. 

                      Bird Cam & More

                      Congratulations to R on the first winning!

                      Now that we clarified the rule that the contests we enter must be for prizes we want for ourselves or to give away to people we know would appreciate them, I almost wish I could retract some of the contests I entered.  Hence, from now on, I will only enter for contests that will enrich my life.  Thus:

                      Friday January 21:

                      • Entered a contest at my alma mater for an autumn cruise from Athens to Istanbul this fall – inspired by Michael Palin’s Around the World in 80 Days perhaps, by fall I am pretty certain I will need a vacation.  Before any vacation, I plunge into a schedule of reading up on the place.  Istanbul (and Constantinople) have been places about which I have been collecting book titles for my to-read list, so a vacation there would also cure a self-education itch.

                      Sunday January 23:

                      • Entered to win $5000 cash from Reader’s Digest because who doesn’t need more money?  (And, yes, I would give some away to my favourite charity lest you think I am consumed with greed.)
                      • Entered to win a BirdWatch Cam.  Birds coming to a feeder or bath trigger the camera to take time stamped photos.  I was inspired by Rurality’s game cam, her last post with pictures from it had a beaver, a bobcat and a very plump opossum.
                      • Entered the Elle Canada February contest for beauty products and clothes.  Because, um, I could use some beautification.
                      • And another Elle Canada contest, this time for a four-day trip to the West Indies, which my parents could sure use.
                      • Finally, also entered to win a one-year supply of toilet paper, because I do not have an unlimited supply of moss or whatever Paleolithic people used.

                      Tuesday January 25:

                      • Entered a Warner Bros contest for a Blu-Ray.  I think Matt said something about wanting this.  
                      • Entered the Ferrero Rocher contest for Valentine’s trips to Paris, Santorini or Tuscany.  The contest entry field for sex was defaulted to female (even though it was the second choice).  Guess they know their target market, but not sure why they didn’t have the sexes in alphabetical order.  I guess because men always come first.  Yeah.
                      • I also entered the Hictoric England contest for a trip to London, having answered the question “When will the Olympics be held in London?” right next to the clue-ful London Olympics logo.

                      Saturday January 29:

                      • Entered to win a $250 gift certificate at Urban Fare.

                          As for winnings, so far I have nothing to report except frequent calls from a persistent automated telemarketing answering machine.

                            Food and Ghosts

                            I took a break from contests last night, after the shock of seeing how far R was ahead of me.  But today, I gritted my teeth and entered a few more contests and entered:

                            • Miss 604‘s Taste the World draw for two Food & Wine passports (becuase I like food & wine)
                            • Miss 604’s Taste the World draw for two Food & Wine passports on Twitter (do these entries count as one or two?)
                            • Also on Miss 604, I entered a contest for family passes to the Vancouver Lookout
                            • Another Miss 604 draw for $100 gift certificates at either a Season at QE or the Teahouse in Stanley Park because Matt will sure be able to use that
                            • A Miss 604 draw for a $100 gift certificate to a Glowbal restaurant (this one was easy to enter: preserved lemon risotto mascarpone)
                            • I think I entered to win an iPad, which either my dad or my cat could use (cats love iPads, I have heard)
                            • Playing by the Book‘s contest for a copy of Chris Wormell’s book Scruffy Bear and the Six White Mice (technically two entries)
                            • the Vancouver Police Museum‘s contest for movie tickets to an unspecified film – to enter, one had to comment with a paranormal story (mine’s not creepy, but I have to support the museum!)
                            • Kellog’s $5000 voucher for Air Canada (or a $100 gift card, presumably for cereal, which I eat on occasion)
                            • Starbucks’ contest for a trip to Palm Springs (I can use a vacation anywhere)
                            • Another contest on the Chatelaine website with all manner of prizes, including trips

                            Apprently R and I have inspired my sister and she has already entered three contests as well.  I asked her if she wanted to blog here too, but she declined.  I suspect she just doesn’t want other people to know about her contests and become competition.

                            Movies, Musicals & Monsters

                            On my to-do list for the day: more contests!

                            My plan was to enter all of the Georgia Straight’s contests.  These are the ones I entered:

                            • Taiko drummer concert tickets
                            • Movie tickets for The Roommate
                            • Tickets to the musicals Avenue Q
                            • Tickets to the movie The Rite
                            • Assorted cooking stuff for voting on top Vancouver restaurants in different categories

                            Matt also sent me a link to a Boardgame Geek contest: winning the Alvin & Dexter Ticket to Ride Monster Expansion.

                            And then I ran out of steam on this project for the night.