Another Win for Maktaaq!

Another win!  This time it’s two movie tickets for Unknown from the Georgia Straight.  It sounded like a plot-twister of a movie and I rarely even have a chance to read up about movies these days, never mind actually seeing them.  Aside from The King’s Speech, which my coworker saw and recommended, I didn’t recognize any of the nominated movies.  I discover movies these days from the trailers on the DVDs I borrow from the library.  Thus, my wonderful husband and I will be off to see this psychological thriller. 

I hope. 

I never did get my winning tickets in the mail from the first contest.

Meanwhile, the contest entries continue:

January 31

  • During lunch, I scour Urbanspoon for my favourite local restaurants and add them to my Burnaby Now entry into their $2000 contest – shopping sprees at Lougheed, Brentwood and Metrotown Malls.

February 4

  • Valentine’s Day dinner at The Teahouse, via Raul’s Hummingbird 604.

February 8

  • Entered to win an iPad (four entries actually).
  • Entered to win another $500 grocery gift card.
  • An iPod Nano (because I am sure someone in my circle of friends can use it – it’s a music thing I assume).
  • A Tide gift basket because I am into doing laundry a lot.  At $125, that’s like a few years’ supply of laundry detergent.
  • Tickets to the ballet for two orchestra seats to the February 19 performance of Volo.
  • Tickets to the musical Falsettos.

February 9

  • Entered a Surrey Public Library contest for four movie tickets.

February 10

  • Entered to win two tickets to the Spirit of Africa Festival opening night concert.
  • Another iPad entry.
  • Tickets to a Vancouver Cantata Singers concert later this month.
  • Tickets to the Gnomeo and Juliet movie, which, thanks to the skill-testing question, I remembered I had a nascent crush on James McAvoy.

February 11

  • Entered the Leonidas Chocolate contest.

February 13

  • A vacation in Richmond: two nights at a Richmond hotel, dinner at a good Chinese restaurant and more.  I can fit all this into my unusual work schedule!  I really hope I win this one!

February 20

  • The True Grit novel – apparently it’s now some sort of Oscar-nominated film.  I like books, especially nonfiction ones, but there aren’t many book contests, so this is as close as I can get to entering a book I want contest.
  • Entered for tickets to the Vancouver International Dance Festival.
  • Tickets for Bach’s St. John Passion.
  • Tickets to Hard Times Hit Parade, a play about a dance marathon.
  • Tickets to a string orchestra.
  • A double movie pass to Biutiful.
  • An espresso coffee maker.
  • A Carnival cruise, because I could use a trip anywhere and because cruises basically mean I will be reading a lot and getting ahead on my to-read list. 
  • A holiday at a Mexican resort.
  • A trip for four to Jasper, because I only ever went to Banff when I lived in Alberta.  Heck, it would be nice to go anywhere in the Rockies.  There are some really nice places I have good memories of over there.
  • A trip to Tokyo because I love visiting Japan.  It’s been three years almost since I’ve been to Japan and I think I am past due for my biannual onsen visit.
  • A diamond bracelet, earrings or ring, which I would give to my mom.  Seriously.  She would love this.
  • A contest for a kitchen makeover.
  • A trip for two to London or else a Nintendo gadget, because I could use the trip and I am sure Matt would find some use for another electronic doodad.

March 1

  • A contest from Pacific Cinematheque for two tickets to a South African music documentary.
  • Tickets to a flamenco performance on Saturday (which I would give to my parents).
  • Tickets to the movie Unknown.  (This is what I won.)

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                1. Congratulations, Oana! I hope you have a great time at the movie. I entered the same contest (I think). Hope we can meet up soon, too.

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