Dreaming of the Maldives

It’s been a while since I had time to work on this project, but now that my work schedule is lessening a bit, I suspect I’ll have to catch up with R’s record of five wins.


On March 21 my competitor announced that she won her third contest.  Now she is not only the winner of one more contest than I am, she is also at around $190, while I am about $150 behind her. 

This morning, I had a great dream where I won a prize – a trip for two to the Maldives, worth $2500.  During my whole dream, I was trying to get the tickets and answering last minute questions from the company giving away the tickets.  As my dream progressed, it turned out that the tickets were for a 48-hour trip to the Maldives, with Matt and I set to fly directly there and on the way back with a stopover in Hawaii.  Not sure how much of the Maldives I would have seen on my dream trip, but the dream me was very excited.  I remember thinking in my dream, too, that I would finally be ahead of Rsaloust in the amount of winnings.  I was choked up when I awoke and realized that I was not going to the Maldives after all.

Obviously this is a sign that I will win again soon and that I just need to get busy entering more contests!

Thus, here are my latest entries.  On March 21:

  • Entered to win a $1000 HBC gift card on this supper recipe website.  This would solve my need for a new duvet set for sure!  Plus, I would finally get a food processor, so I would be able to make one of my favourite dishes more often.
  • Entered a contest on Today’s Parent for a $150 H&M gift card.  If the clothes are for kids, I have many friends whose kids might be interested in gettign this gift card.
  • Entered to win tickets to the Vancouver Aquarium’s Immersion event on Miss 604.  I haven’t been to the aquarium in years!
  • Also on Miss 604, I entered to win a gift package from Morgan Crossing, a new development that I pass by quite often.  I really like going to Mink Chocolates and I had no idea they opened a new location in Surrey.  
  • Again on Miss 604, I entered to win a chocolate fondue and champagne in 900 West Lounge, valued at $150.
  • I entered for an iPad on a pet food site.
  • Also on the Nutrience site, I entered to win Ivan free food for a year.  Actually the iPad is for Ivan too.  I heard they have cat games on it and Ivan’s declawed so he wouldn’t scratch the screen.
  • Some Rimmel Mascara from Elle.  I can’t wear eye makeup anymore but my sister might like this.
  • I also entered to win a $135 Ecco Latakia bag from Elle.  I really like that bag.

On April 4:

  • Entered the Flare magazine contest to win a $500 beauty pack.
  • I also entered to win a coffee machine.  I like the smell of coffee and I like shiny things, so this would be a nice addition to my mom’s kitchen counter (I also love making my mom happy).

On April 13:

  • Entered to win a $500 Holt Renfew gift card.  When I was in university and tried to browse through their store to see what the fuss was all about, they hassled me.  It would be nice to go back, use their gift card and show them who’s who now.  Take that.
  • I then entered Miss 604’s patio contest.
  • I entered Miss 604’s other contest, for a stay at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa.

On June 13:

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