Food and Ghosts

I took a break from contests last night, after the shock of seeing how far R was ahead of me.  But today, I gritted my teeth and entered a few more contests and entered:

  • Miss 604‘s Taste the World draw for two Food & Wine passports (becuase I like food & wine)
  • Miss 604’s Taste the World draw for two Food & Wine passports on Twitter (do these entries count as one or two?)
  • Also on Miss 604, I entered a contest for family passes to the Vancouver Lookout
  • Another Miss 604 draw for $100 gift certificates at either a Season at QE or the Teahouse in Stanley Park because Matt will sure be able to use that
  • A Miss 604 draw for a $100 gift certificate to a Glowbal restaurant (this one was easy to enter: preserved lemon risotto mascarpone)
  • I think I entered to win an iPad, which either my dad or my cat could use (cats love iPads, I have heard)
  • Playing by the Book‘s contest for a copy of Chris Wormell’s book Scruffy Bear and the Six White Mice (technically two entries)
  • the Vancouver Police Museum‘s contest for movie tickets to an unspecified film – to enter, one had to comment with a paranormal story (mine’s not creepy, but I have to support the museum!)
  • Kellog’s $5000 voucher for Air Canada (or a $100 gift card, presumably for cereal, which I eat on occasion)
  • Starbucks’ contest for a trip to Palm Springs (I can use a vacation anywhere)
  • Another contest on the Chatelaine website with all manner of prizes, including trips

Apprently R and I have inspired my sister and she has already entered three contests as well.  I asked her if she wanted to blog here too, but she declined.  I suspect she just doesn’t want other people to know about her contests and become competition.

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