Win #9: West Coast Express Prize

Win #9 has followed very quickly on the heels of Win #8. However, I am very grateful to have won $100 towards transportation on West Coast Express. I have been taking the train off and on since I was a student at UBC back in 2001! I have always enjoyed the beautiful view from the train first thing in the morning and at the end of the day. The train is also usually quiet enough for me to catch up on reading or work. I received a food/drink voucher for the onboard coffee shop, as well. I can guarantee it will go towards a nice cup of tea one day soon.

If you haven’t taken the train before, I would recommend giving it a try. It is definitely the fastest way to get downtown from the suburbs. It is also stress-free which makes a nice change from fighting the traffic in rush hour. Also, if you are planning to take in the fireworks this year, there is a train on August 4th that will get you there and back.

*I won the $100 and food/drink voucher by entering the “Care to Comment” contest. I filled out an entry form with my feedback on some questions posed by the West Coast Express’ Commuter News.

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