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2013 Winnings in Review

2013 recently came to a close and it is time for me to take stock of my winnings:

1. Leonard Cohen’s Book of Longing
2. An all-day pass to Fusion 2013
3. A $10 gift card to Metropolis
4. Two tickets to Got Craft?
5. Two tickets to the Nikkei National Museum’s art auction
6. Two tickets to the Great Canadian Spring Fling
7. $50 to Brentwood Mall
8. Canucks tickets
9. a surfer-style music CD

My total winnings for the year came to approximately $307. This is considerably lower than previous years, but I was very happy with all the prizes and experiences I had in 2013.

In 2014, I am going to blog with renewed energy, seeking out new and exciting contests. I would invite all of you to send me links to any great contests you hear about!

May your 2014 be a lucky one!

$50 Win from Brentwood Town Centre

After a long hiatus, I am a winner yet again. I recently won a $50 gift card and two David’s tea vouchers from Brentwood Town Centre. I put my gift card towards a new bathrobe and will definitely be saving my David’s Tea vouchers for some of their fabulous Fall collection brews.

I’d like to devote this post to why I go to Brentwood Mall. It’s to see the most wonderful hair stylist there is: Rob at Regis Salon. Rob and I have known each other for almost two decades. We first met when I was a beauty advisor at Merle Norman Cosmetics in Lougheed Mall and he was a hair stylist at a salon two doors down.

When I first went to Rob, I presented him with a tangled and drab brown hair that had never looked good. I had all but given up on it. Rob, however, was undaunted. In a couple of hours, my mane looked better than I could ever have imagined. I knew I had found a true artist who I would never stray from.

As the months and years went by, I learned that Rob was more than just a talented hair stylist; he was one of the most generous, kindest people I have ever had the pleasure to know. I treasure our friendship and look forward every couple of months to our chats over cups of tea and tabloids.

So, today Rob, on your birthday, I’d like to thank you for everything and wish you many happy returns and much love! Everyone else: find your way to Regis Salon and get the hair you’ve always dreamed of from the best hair stylist I know!