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International Dance Day – “Taking Your Experience for Mine”

Luck seems to be on my side lately as I have won my fourth prize since I began this blog back in January! I entered to win tickets to the April 29th show of “Taking Your Experience for Mine“, a dance performance that was part of International Dance Day.

I entered this particular contest because I wanted to see my first modern dance performance live. Also, I must confess that I am a terrible dancer and have great admiration for anyone who can use their body expressively, rather than clumsily.

The basis for Taking Your Experience for Mine was described as follows in the program:


“Throughout the creative process I have explored many questions surrounding the relationship between the body and technology. Is there a new language? Is the renegotiation of skill being forced upon our state of being? What will happen if we always connect through a device? If we are always collecting and deflecting information in such an obsessive manner how long before it becomes part of our neural make-up?” (Sara Coffin, choreographer and director)


I think choreographer Sara Coffin effectively presented these questions. I was especially struck by a couple of sequences in the performance. In the first, two dancers move to the music, pausing to photograph their actions and facial expressions. I was reminded of the film Shadow of the Vampire when the fictionalized F. W. Murnau asserts that if something is not on film it does not exist. Also, I have often thought that one can get so wrapped up in photographing an event that the enjoyment of the moment becomes lost in the desire to commemorate it.


The second sequence that struck me was when one performer was watching a series of film clips on a T.V. and was describing what was happening while the other performer tried to dance in response to what she heard. I think technology does manipulate us and we will inevitably struggle to keep up.


All in all, the evening was very enjoyable and thought-provoking. The reception canapes were also delicious. I’m certain that this will be the first of many modern dance performances I will see.