How Lucky: a year-long challenge

So two women of my acquaintance have decided to challenge each other to enter contests this year. This blog will be the log.

I don’t judge them, just their results. The object of the game is to enter contests, and win contests.

I am sure both women will judge the real winner to be the one who wins the most prizes, in terms of cash value. I will also try to track the number of entries and the number of wins. If all goes well, they’ll update daily with the contests they have entered (and, if they’re lucky, won).

Any other terms? Not really. A contest means a contest: paid-entry lotteries don’t count. Any free-to-enter challenge (whether judged by a test of skill or essentially by chance) does.

The challenge started January 1st, the updates start now. Entries end December 31st, but any wins that happen after the end of the year still count. GO!

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